class HPS.D3DImageCanvas : public HPS.Canvas

Public Functions

D3DImageCanvas (HPS.OffScreenWindowOptionsKit in_options, string in_name, int in_width = 800, int in_height = 800)

Constructs a new D3DImageCanvas.

Param in_options

Options for the underlying offscreen window.

Param in_name

An optional name for the canvas.

Param in_width

The desired initial canvas width in pixels.

Param in_height

The desired initial canvas height in pixels.

override void Dispose ()
void OnSizeChanged (object sender, Size in_new_size, bool in_do_resize)

Intended for forwarding of resize events from the parent window and throttling them to ensure not too many updates are performed while the window is being resized rapidly.

Param sender

Param in_new_size

The new size in pixels.

Param in_do_resize

Request an update on the next internal size timer tick (200ms interval).


ImageSource ImageSource { get; set; }

The associated ImageSource containing the rendered canvas content.