class HPS::SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent : public HPS::Event

The SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent class is the event that will be triggered when a Smooth Transition ends.

Public Functions

inline virtual char const *ClassName() const override
inline virtual Event *Clone() const

Allocates and returns a copy of this SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent.


A copy of this SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent.

inline virtual bool Drop(Event const *in_that_event) const

Determines if this SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent can be drop in favor of the following event of the same type.


in_that_eventEvent to compare with this SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent.


true is this event can be dropped.

inline SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent()

The default constructor creates a SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent object.

inline SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent(Event const &in_event)

This constructor converts an Event Object to a SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent object.


in_event – The Event Object to be converted.

inline SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent(HPS::View const &in_view)

This constructor creates a SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent object and associates it with a View.


in_view – The View that initiated the smooth transition.

virtual ~SmoothTransitionCompleteEvent()

Public Members

HPS::View view