class HPS::Info

The Info class is a concept class for information, warning, and error codes.

Public Types

enum Code

Enumerates the types of information, warning, and error messages.


enumerator Unknown

Info type and source unknown.

enumerator Exchange

Info from Exchange.

enumerator Publish

Info from Publish.

enumerator Data

Problem with provided data.

enumerator Key

Problem with provided key.

enumerator Geometry

Problem with provided geometry.

enumerator Database

Problem with scene.

enumerator Driver

Problem with driver.

enumerator Internal

Problem with internal system.

enumerator Memory

Problem with memory.

enumerator System

Problem operating environment.

enumerator Unsupported

Use is unsupported.

enumerator DWG

Info from DWG.

enumerator Parasolid

Info from Parasolid.

enumerator Texture

Info from Textures.