class HPS::DriverEvent

The DriverEvent class is the common base class of all driver events. A driver event represents a specific action the driver performs during an update. DriverEvents occur on the driver updater thread.

Subclassed by HPS::DrawWindowEvent, HPS::FinishPictureEvent, HPS::InitPictureEvent

Public Types

enum StereoMatrix


enumerator ViewLeft
enumerator ViewRight
enumerator ProjectionLeft
enumerator ProjectionRight

Public Functions

intptr_t GetClassID() const

Returns a unique identifier that is shared by all objects of the same class.

OpaqueHandle GetGraphicsContext() const
OpaqueHandle GetSurface(int index) const
void SetStereoMatrix(StereoMatrix id, HPS::MatrixKit const &in_matrix) const
virtual ~DriverEvent()