A3DDouble *


A3DUns32 *


Detailed Description

struct A3DMDMarkupLeaderStubData

Markup Leader stub data structure.

The stub is a line which links the leader(s) to the markup box. It is vertical or horizontal line according to the attach point type, and its length depends on the attach point type. Therefore, in the structure of markup leader stub, there are two arrays to be considered in parallel: the first defines the length of the stub, and the second the anchor point type corresponding to the length. ../_images/pmi_leader_stub.png



Public Members

A3DUns32 m_uiValuesAndAnchorTypesSize

Size of array of values and anchor types.

For example, if there are two leader lines pointing from the PMI box, this value will be two.

A3DDouble *m_pdValues

The length of the first segment of the arrow if it is segmented (i.e., the stub) — see the horizontal segment in the righthand image above.

A3DUns32 *m_piAnchorTypes

To get the anchor type, use the following bitwise operation: m_piAnchorTypes[i] & 0x1F.

See EA3DMDAnchorPointType

for the available types.

If the PMI box contains several sub-boxes (as in the image below), use

m_piAnchorTypes[i] >> 5 to find the sub-box index. ../_images/sub_box_index.jpg