HOOPS Exchange - v7.0

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AP 242


Physical Properties Calculation

A new set of APIs (A3DCurveLength() and A3DComputeFaceArea()) have been introduced which allow you to calculate the length of edges and the surface area of faces, in addition to existing features which allow to calculate the surface of parts and the volume and center of gravity of parts.

Exact Sectioning

A new set of APIs (A3DComputePlanarSectionOnModelFile() and A3DComputePlanarSectionOnRepresentationItem()) allow you to cross section a model. The APIs return the exact curves representing the outline of the section as well as the triangles which will represent the interior of the section.

Compare Functionality

A new set of APIs (A3DCompareFaces(), A3DCompareFacesInBrepModels() and A3DComputeFaceArea()) have been added which allow you to check for geometrical differences between two parts. The APIs not only tell you if two parts differ geometrically but also can provide triangles representing the differences between the two models.

Optimizations to approximation of geometry as analytics

A new API (A3DSimplifyModelFileWithAnalytics()) allows you to specify which analytics you want to consider approximating a geometry as. For example, excluding whether you want to approximate a surface as a torus can significantly improve the performance of this function.

Welding and Frame Support in Solid Edge

Our Solid Edge reader will now import Welding and Frame data.

View and PMI Improvements

There has been significant improvements in our visual PMI support with a particular focus on CV5, NX and Creo. In addition to bug fixes we now support exploded views for Creo.

Progress Bar Improvements

Improvements were made to the progress bar so that it will more accurately reflect the progress on an import or export operation.