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2212 (Dev. 2022 version)



Solid Edge




Format Improvements

Solid Edge

Support for reading all configurations

A new field is available in A3DRWParamsSpecificLoadData. This structure contains a single option, A3DRWParamsSolidEdgeData::m_bLoadAllConfigsData. This options is used to allow the reading of the models for all of its configurations, which in Solid Edge corresponds to family of assemblies. The default is A3D_FALSE.

Support of Coordinates Systems

The coordinates systems that are defined in Solid Edge can be used to help the design and to define references that are meant to be used in downstream applications, such as manufacturing. Retrieving the coordinates systems will help downstream applications to directly benefit from already existing information, without having to recreate them manually.

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Support for Decals

Decals are special textures generally used for displaying product markings on a model. We now support the reading of Decals in SolidWorks through our materials and textures API.

This support comes with a few limitations that are detailed in this section.

Decals Period Jumps

With decals in SolidWorks, the texture application may imply a period jump. This information is automatically computed upon reading and building the uv parameters. If needed, we provide A3DGraphTextureApplicationData with two new fields:


Thread diameter nodes have moved of position inside of the feature tree since they may now have sibling nodes for units.

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Package Changes

The Windows package of Exchange has been added TD_FtFontEngine_23.8_14.tx. This new library file is used for the tessellation of TrueType fonts that are not present on the running system fonts, in the context of DWG 2D.

With this new addition, some 2D elements may not display correctly. We are aware of this issue and will provide a fix for the upcoming release. In the meantime, removing the .tx file from your running environment may resolve the issue.

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Fixed Bugs

The list of fixed bugs can be found on the fixed bugs page.