HOOPS Exchange - v5.0

Format Updates

A number of file formats were updated to support more current software versions. These format updates include:


Updated Version



Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)

IFC 2x4

Siemens PLM Software NX

NX 8

Solid Edge




New Formats


For HOOPS Exchange v5.0, we have added the capability to save PRC data to ACIS SAT files. This interface allows direct exchange of data with applications that support the SAT format (AutoCAD, Inventor, etc.). It also provides ACIS developers with an easy route to integrate HOOPS Exchange by using Exchange to convert CAD files to SAT format and using ACIS to read the generated SAT data.

In order to have maximum compatibility with other applications (including Autodesk applications like AutoCAD and Inventor), the Exchange SAT exporter writes an ACIS 5.0 format file.





CATIA V5 Drawings (CATDrawing)

CATIA V5 drawing files (CATDrawing) are now supported. Please see the Drawing Model section of the Reference Manual for more information.

Interface Changes

Precise Measurement

A number of functions have been added to enable precise measurement of PRC B-Rep models. These functions include curve and surface simplification as well as high performance point project functions.

PRC Assembly File Management

Two new functions have been added to help manage subcomponents (parts, sub-assemblies) of a PRC assembly file. The first function extracts the filenames (including path) of all the parts and sub-assemblies referenced by a model file. The second function A3DAsmModelFileLoadFromMultiplePrcFile() creates an assembly modelfile from multiple PRC files.