HOOPS Exchange 2021

Format Updates


Updated Version



Package Changes

  • For MSVC, bin/win32 and bin/win64 changed to bin/win32_v140 and bin/win64_v140 respectively.

  • Removed multi-process loading related binaries (see [notice in HE 2019 SP1](#deprecating_multi_process)):

    • A3DHELF.dll

    • A3DHELF.so

  • Removed C++ API related sources and binaries (see [notice in HE 2019 SP2 U2](#about_cpp_api)):

    • A3DLIBSCpp.dll and A3DLIBSCppd.dll

    • A3DLIBSCpp.lib and A3DLIBSCppd.lib

    • libA3DLIBSCpp.so and libA3DLIBSCppd.so

    • The cpp/ folder

3MF format now available for import

3MF (3D Manufacturing Format) a 3D Printing format. It embeds information about material, colors, textures that differentiate from the STL format and that can be leveraged by full-color 3D Printers.

With HOOPS Exchange 2017, we added the support for 3MF export. Now the library is able to import 3MF files as well. Our internal dependency to Lib3MF is updated to version 2.0.0 which also improves overall stability upon exporting to 3MF.

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Support for CATIA V5 mates

The support of mates (assembly constraints between components) targets Robotic, assembly line design as well as analysis and simulation applications. Accessing the mates from the native CAD files helps optimizing workflows by enabling applications to generate a kinematics model of the assembly that is required to calculate robots’ paths, execute analyses.

The support of Mates in introduced as Beta in HOOPS Exchange 2021 with a limited scope: Support a sub-set of Mates for CATIA V5 format. This project will be continued in later releases and might also be extended to other formats.

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