HOOPS Exchange 2024

Version 2024.0

Format Updates


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See File Formats for the list of all supported formats.

32-bit support deprecation

Windows and Linux x86 binaries have been removed from the standard delivered packages. Please contact the Support team to get them.

They will not be available starting with HOOPS Exchange 2025.

CATIA V5: Publications Support

Since this version our support for reading CATIA V5 publications from CATIA files is no longer in beta state.

For more information look at our dedicated section in the Programming Guide.

JT: Support for Incremental Loading

The latest release introduces support for load struct only and incremental load workflows for the JT format. This enhancement ensures compatibility with the intended behavior and limitations observed in other formats that support similar features.

Notably, incremental load for JT format is now extended to include support for JT monolithic files, providing users with added flexibility in managing and loading their data.

See also

New Usability API

Introducing a more intuitive and efficient way to navigate model files, the New Usability API now offers a set of functions designed for seamless traversal. The newly introduced entities, A3DTree and A3DTreeNode, present an abstract representation of a model file, enhancing usability through a standardized tree structure.

Explore the capabilities of these new functions in our dedicated programming guide section: Tree Traversal API.

To help you integrate these features seamlessly into your workflow, we have updated the following tutorials to showcase the use of these functions:

Documentation Change

We are pleased to announce a comprehensive update to the Getting Started section of the HOOPS Exchange Documentation. This update includes new tutorials and aims to provide a more user-friendly experience for developers.

More additional enhancements will be added in upcoming releases.

API Changes

API Deprecation

As a reminder these functions, structures, members and types are deprecated and will be removed in future versions of HOOPS Exchange, at the latest in HOOPS Exchange 2025:

Fixed Bugs

The list of fixed bugs can be found on the fixed bugs page.