HOOPS Exchange 2016 SP1 U2

File Reader Enhancements


  • Fixed various issues


  • Support of V5_6R2016

  • PMI improvements


  • Improved file support


  • Fix view scale issue

Functionality Enhancements

  • Improved A3DGetFileFormat

  • Fixed problem with A3DComputePlanarSectionOnModelFile and A3DComputePlanarSectionOnRepresentationItem

  • Fixed problem in A3DFaceUVPointInside

  • Add “report callback” to sample ImportExport

  • PMI support: Dimensions, values, and tolerances are now expressed in the units defined by the A3DMDDimensionValueFormatData.m_iUnit and A3DMDDimensionValueFormatData.m_dGlobFact fields.

Special note

For Linux users: please create a symbolic link named libA3DLIBS.so pointing to libA3DLIBS.9.1.3.so.

Parasolid users: ParasolidWorkShop is now part of the package. It’s used optionally when exporting data to Parasolid using A3DAsmModelFileTranslateToPkParts or A3DRepresentationItemTranslateToPkParts. ParasolidWorkShop 27.0.111 for Windows and Linux is located in the bin folder of the package.