HOOPS Exchange 2018

License Key Update

Important: A new license key specifically generated for HOOPS Exchange 2018 and above is required. Licenses generated for previous versions will not work. Please visit the HOOPS Exchange download page to generate a new key.

In addition, the header file downloaded from the Developer Zone has been renamed from A3DSDKLicenseKey.h to hoops_license.h. Place hoops_license.h in the include directory of your application; A3DSDKLicenseKey.h files from previous versions will no longer work.

Lastly, A3DLicPutLicense(), A3DLicPutPRCLicense() and A3DLicPutLicenseFile() have been replaced by A3DLicPutUnifiedLicense(). Please note, the return type and parameters for A3DLicPutUnifiedLicense() are different from the functions it is replacing.

Format Updates


Updated Version





New Formats: DWG and DXF

DWG and DXF Support. Exchange now supports DWG and DXF Drawings and 3D as input formats.


The following enum identifiers in A3DEJTReadTessellationLevelOfDetail have changed: JTTessLODLow, JTTessLODMedium, JTTessLODHigh.

These identifiers now have a “kA3D” prefix: kA3DJTTessLODLow, kA3DJTTessLODMedium, kA3DJTTessLODHigh.


Multi-Process Export. Exchange can now directly translate and heal a model file into Parasolid using multi-process. See A3DRWParamsTranslateToPkPartsData::m_uiNbProc for more information.

Import Parasolid data into Exchange. We have included functionality to import data from a Parasolid session into Exchange. This is particularly helpful when used in conjunction with our exporter. See A3DPkPartsTranslateToA3DAsmModelFile for more details.