HOOPS Exchange - v7.2


Platform updates

CentOS 6.5 is now supported.

Autodesk Inventor Reader Can Now Import B-Rep

B-rep may now be imported from Autodesk Inventor files. The functionality is provided in beta status.

Please note that this feature may impact the reading of Inventor files in kA3DReadGeomAndTess mode.

Parasolid Export Improvements

By employing a variety of healing techniques, we’ve continued to improve the quality of our Parasolid export. In addition, if the source file was Parasolid based (i.e. NX, JT, SOLIDWORKS, or Solid Edge) then we’ll make extreme efforts to provide the original Parasolid data when you export to Parasolid.

View and PMI Improvements

There has been continued improvements in our visual PMI support with the main focus being CV5, NX, and Creo.

File Reader Improvements

  • Our Rhino reader now supports external references.

  • Extensive quality improvements have been made to both the Rhino and SAT readers.

Functional Changes

STEP importer

Our STEP importer now disables healing by default. Healing can be enabled using the m_bHealOrientations flag.

The STEP importer flag m_bSplitSHELL_BASED_SURFACE_MODEL flag controls whether each logical body is put into a separate B-rep entity. Please note that this flag is set to true by default, thus in order to achieve similar results to HOOPS Exchange 7.1.0, this flag should be set to false.