HOOPS Exchange 2022 U1

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We identified instabilities regarding the NX 2007 update.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working on providing you with a U2 release as soon as possible.


New Product Occurrence Structure

With Revit, most elements now have a full product occurrences hierarchy more aligned with Revit structure:

  • Level product occurrence

  • Category product occurrence

  • Family product occurrence

  • Type product occurrence

  • B-rep

This permits us to remove duplication of Type and B-rep instances. It also made exposition of IDs easier. Each Type product occurrence nows holds a PersistentID corresponding to the Revit ElementID of the instance. And for more cross revision identification of instances, each type product occurrence is also exposes its unique ID (Revit EpisodeID + ElementID).

Mass objects

Support for Revit Mass objects now support reading their geometry as well.

Unique IDs

We provide a better manager for Unique IDs which are now based on the persistent ID and a session ID.