HOOPS Exchange 2019 SP2 U1

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V5-6 R2019 (R29)

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OBJ and FBX export

OBJ and FBX export now support for polylines (kA3DTypeCrvPolyLine).

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Improve support for SolidWorks Display Lists

Upon reading a SolidWorks file some parts may be missing from your environment. Usually HOOPS Exchange uses the presence of SolidWorks Display Lists to recover the missing elements. Prior to SolidWorks 2018, CAD files only contained the Display Lists for one Configuration: the active configuration. Now a SolidWorks file can contains as many display list as needed and HOOPS Exchange can use them internally to improve the recovering of missing parts.

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This behavior is performed when reading in B-rep only or in B-rep and tessellation.

Material Names in SolidWorks and NX

We now read and store the name of materials assigned to parts when reading SolidWorks and NX files. The name of a material is stored into an instance of A3DMiscMaterialPropertiesData which can be retrieved using ref A3DMiscGetMaterialProperties

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Bug fixes

The list of fixed bugs can be found on Fixed Bugs List.