HOOPS Exchange - v6.00

New Platform Support



Operating System




Mac OS X 10.7

gcc/g++ 4.2.1

New Import Formats


Supported Versions




4, 5

Note, in the current implementation PDF is not supported via the standard read API (i.e. A3DAsmModelFileLoadFromFile()). Instead Developers must first use the function A3DGet3DPDFStreams() to extract the PRC/U3D data from the PDF document and then provide this data to appropriate Exchange or Publish API. An example of using this API is provided in the samplespublishpublishsourceDemoFunctionalities sample.

New Export Formats

  • JT

  • VRML

Format Updates


Updated Version

Siemens PLM NX Software



Healing and Model Preparation for B-rep export

To address some issues for Parasolid and ACIS customers we now do significant post-processing of the data prior to exporting it to Parasolid or ACIS. This has particular impact when dealing with data which originated in IGES files.

Special handling for IGES Data

IGES data is now pre-processed to address issues which were previously impacting import success rates. This includes dealing with corrupt files as well as using advanced geometric algorithms to massage the data. These geometric algorithms include fixing B-rep orientation errors, closing open loops, adjusting tolerances, etc. This pre-processing has resulted in a slight increase in import time. Developers can also use the new Sew API (see below) to turn logical sets of surfaces into closed solids.

New Sew API

A new API A3DSewBrep() has been added which will sew a series of sheet bodies. The API will create either a Solid or Sheet body depending on the structure of the provided data. A higher-level function A3DAsmModelFileSew() has also been added which will perform a sew on all appropriate entities in a given model file.

Semantic PMI improvements

Our semantic PMI structures have been enhanced to allow developers to determine the plane that a particular plane/axes associated with a particular datum.

Ignore hidden attribute when exporting to Parasolid

Developers can now request that our Parasolid writer exports all entities regardless of the value of their hidden attribute.