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See File Formats for the list of all supported formats.

Physical Material Properties Support

Our support for reading physical material properties from Inventor and SolidWorks files has been improved.

  • Inventor: We are now supporting Shear Modulus for isotropic and orthotropic materials.

  • SolidWorks:

    • We are now supporting Shear Modulus, Specific Heat, Yield Strength, Tensile Strength, Thermal Conductivity, Poisson Ratio and Thermal Expansion for isotropic materials. We also retrieve the density when no material is applied.

    • Two materials can have the same name if they are stored in different libraries. Thus, we now prepend the name of the library to the name. For example, the material ‘Material’ from the library ‘Library’ is returned with the name ‘Library|Material’.

  • Units: All values in A3DMiscMaterialPropertiesData are now returned in SI units, as stated in its documentation.

See Also

Inventor: Improved Attribute Support

Improvements in the support of Autodesk Inventor attributes:

  • Categorization

  • Title & Values retrieval

Creo - Pro/E Multibody Parts Support

We are now supporting multibody parts from Creo Version 7 and onwards.

Documentation Updates

Contact Us page added

Documentation now includes a new Contact Us page, pointing users to helpful links and contacts within Tech Soft 3D for information and product support. This page can be found at the bottom of the table of contents.

API Changes

Third-Party Libraries Update

Below third-party libraries have been updated:


New Version



The binary dependencies have been updated to ODA 24.12. This update fixes several bugs related to our Revit support. All platform packages are updated, except for Android.

For more information about package content, see Distributing Your Application.

Fixed Bugs

The list of fixed bugs can be found on the Fixed Bugs List page.