HOOPS Exchange 2016 SP2


Updated Version





File Reader Enhancements


  • New options have been added to read, compute, and compare STEP

    validation properties. This can be used when importing or exporting a STEP file.

  • Color is now better managed.

  • Issues related to link PMI with edges have been fixed.


  • Parasolid customers now have the ability to use multi-process when

    exporting assemblies into Parasolid.


  • Better management of screen notes.


  • Inventor files created from tessellated formats such as STL are now


Functionality Enhancements

  • The Mobile SDK is now available. Android and iOS platforms are now

    supported. With this initial version, only STEP, JT, PRC, IGES, Parasolid, IFC, and U3D import are supported. Export is not available. One sample for each platform, PRC2XML, is included which converts any supported CAD format to an XML file.

  • The HLR functionality has been improved to better manage models with

    sections. Oriented loops are now returned which allows the developer to easily create hatching.

  • Our sewing algorithm has been improved.

  • Bugs have been fixed in our CopyAndAdaptBrep function.

  • A new function, A3DRiRepresentationItemEditCoordinateSystem, has been

    added to modify an existing representation item.


  • To ensure consistency across the API of the product, some function

    names have been modified in this release. If you use these APIs, then you will need to modify your source code in order to move to this release. A sample python script has been included in the tools folder to help facilitate this change.