HOOPS Exchange - v5.30

Format Updates


Updated Version




New Tessellation Controls

Two new parameters have been added for controlling tessellation:

  • m_bUseHeightInsteadOfRatio** When m_eTessellationLevelOfDetail is set to kA3DTessLODUserDefined and m_bUseHeightInsteadOfRatio is set to TRUE, the tessellation algorithm is controlled by the m_dMaxChordHeight value. m_dMaxChordHeight specifies the maximum distance between a tessellation triangle and the actual surface geometry. When m_bUseHeightInsteadOfRatio is set to FALSE, then the tessellation algorithm is controlled by the m_dChordHeightRatio value.

  • m_dMaximalTriangleEdgeLength** This parameter specifies the maximum edge length of a tessellation triangle. If it is set to 0, then this parameter is not used when calculating the tessellation.


When reading PMI from a JT file, the link between PMI and its associated geometry is now maintained.

Automatic Healing when Exporting to X_T and SAT

Exchange now automatically heals invalid geometry and topology when exporting to the X_T (Parasolid) and SAT (ACIS) formats.