HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP2

Format Updates


Updated Version

NX - Unigraphics






Improved BIM Workflows

This version is introducing the support of new IFC classes.

Spatial Relationships

Spatial relationships are part of the IFC model definition. Accessing these relationships enables to navigate in the model, query the model in the context of Quantity take off (QTO) and many more.

As an example, the spatial relationships define connections between elements such as building, story, spaces, walls, windows and so on.


Opening elements represent a void within any element that has physical manifestation. They can be placed into walls, slabs, columns, or any other elements. HOOPS Exchange now reads opening elements.

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Apple’s recent shift from Intel-based chips to their new ARM-based architecture requires partners to port their applications to provide the best experience for their users. We are now delivering an official build of our toolkits to enable this process to begin. This is done by providing you with an universal binary which embeds executable code for both x86_64 and ARM architectures. This new platform will be fully supported when we have sufficient hardware available to ensure the testing and quality levels meet our partners’ requirements.

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