HOOPS Exchange 2019 SP2 U2

Future Platform Changes

With HOOPS Exchange 2020, Linux and Android platforms will be upgraded:

  • Linux:

    • Minimum OS version for _CentOS_ upgraded from 6.x to 7

    • Compiler toolchain version upgraded from GCC 6.5 to GCC 8

  • Android:

    • Compiler toolchain version upgraded from NDK 11c to NDK 19c


This release does not contain this platform change. It is an informational notice for the next major release._

Behavior regarding empty model files

HOOPS API will ensure a model file always have at least a root product occurrence:

  • When creating a new model file with ref A3DAsmModelFileCreate, if the provided data doesn’t have any product occurrence, a root will be implicitly created.

  • Any model file with no root product occurrence is considered inconsistent. When getting a model file using ref A3DAsmModelFileGet, the function returns A3D_MODELFILE_INCONSISTENT_EMPTY.

Notes about the C++ API

Along with the 2018 SP1 release, we added a new C++ interface for Exchange and Publish. This API is considered as a pre-release version and may be discontinued in the future in favor of a smoother experience with already existing APIs we provide.

Bug fixes

The list of fixed bugs can be found on Fixed Bugs List.