HOOPS Exchange API Primer

C API Reference

Explore the core of HOOPS Exchange through our API Reference Guide. This guide provides insight into the fundamental components that drive HOOPS Exchange’s programming interface.


Delve into specific functional areas of HOOPS Exchange for streamlined development.

Data Structures

Examine data structures representing entities, properties, and configurations within the CAD environment.


Access a comprehensive list of functions that enable interaction with various aspects of the application, facilitating custom integrations.


Explore essential header files and resources containing declarations and definitions essential for development.

Initializing HOOPS Exchange

Walk through the steps of initializing HOOPS Exchange’s API in your projects.

API Conventions

HOOPS Exchange’s API conventions, ensuring consistency and best practices in your development

C# API Reference

Starting from HOOPS Exchange 2023 SP2 U1, we officially supports C# through an overlay provided within a separated package. For more information, see Working with C#.