HOOPS Exchange - v6.10

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Ease of Use Improvements

A new set of APIs have been introduced which make it much easier for developers to initialize HOOPS Exchange, to read in a file and to also export a file. With this API a developer can turn a CATIA V5 file into a Parasolid file with just a couple of lines of code. Please refer to the new sample ImportExport for an example of how to use these APIs.

JT Export of PMI Data

Our JT export will now include any of the PMI data that is included in the model.

Tessellate Text Strings

A new function A3DGlobalFontTextTessellationGet() has been added which allows developers to turn a text string with a font definition into a series of triangles. A common use-case here is a developer using this API to turn PMI text data into triangles for use in their visualization system.

Remove BREP information in PRC/PDF export

Developers can now easily remove the BREP definition prior to export to PRC to PDF. This allows developers to potentially sensitive information independent of the import settings.

Honor NX and Creo Application Settings

Developers can now request that our provided View definition with NX files honors the default application “single click” view activation behavior. While in Creo you can now request that the default PMI coloring is the same as the default setting in the version of Creo which authored the file.