HOOPS Exchange 2019 SP1

Format update


Updated Version



Improvement to Revit family import

We have improved import of Revit families in RFA files (for elements such as doors and windows). In previous versions of Exchange, the geometry for these items was simply duplicated. As of this release, these items are now instantiated through HOOPS Exchange’s prototype mechanism.

Support for BIM Unit Metadata

BIM formats embed generic attributes within their model files. Such attributes may be values attached to a complex unit system such as km/h or m²/sec.

HOOPS Exchange now provides a way to read this unit information from any IFC or Revit file using generic attributes. While previous releases of HOOPS Exchange supported reading unit metadata for the IFC format, this is the first HOOPS Exchange release that supports reading unit metadata for the Revit format.

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FBX and OBJ writers improvements

In order to reduce the size of the generated output file, the following changes have been made to the FBX and OBJ writers:

  • Within the same Representation Item all meshes with the same materials are grouped together.

  • An assembly node will no longer be created for each Representation Item.

  • A post process fixes vertex duplication and manages instancing.

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Features Improvements

We added the reading of new feature types:

  • Mirroring: kA3DFRMEnumValue_CadType_Mirror

  • Translation: kA3DFRMEnumValue_CadType_Translate

  • Rotation: kA3DFRMEnumValue_CadType_Rotate

  • Symmetry: kA3DFRMEnumValue_CadType_Symmetry


Not all feature types are supported by all readers.

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Deprecating multi-process loading

Since 2017, HOOPS Exchange has supported multi-process loading of CAD files. However, due to stability and performance concerns, we have decided to deprecate this feature. Multi-process loading will remain supported until HOOPS Exchange 2020.

In a future release, removal of multi-process loading will impact A3DRWParamsGeneralData as well as the binaries requirements when deploying your application.

Multiprocess export to Parasolid using A3DAsmModelFileTranslateToPkParts() won’t be affected.

Online documentation improvements

A new documentation page explains how to convert geometry to NURBS with A3DCopyAndAdaptBrepModelData().

Binaries updates

Some dependencies required by DWG and Revit have been changed. See Distributing Your Application for a comprehensive list.

Fixed Bugs

A list of fixed bugs can be found on the Fixed Bugs List.