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Changes for Linux Requirements

Due to a platform requirement change that happened in the third-party dependency HOOPS is relying on for the ODA - Revit and AutoCAD/DWG Readers, the HOOPS 2022 SP1 minimum requirements on Linux have changed. Linux applications using our Revit or DWG readers may be affected by this change. For more information, see HOOPS + ODA libraries: Linux Compilers requirements

New Format: Autodesk Navisworks

HOOPS Exchange 2022 SP1 is introducing the support of the Autodesk Navisworks NWD format as a beta version.

The NWD format is a snapshot of a Navisworks session. It contains all the data from a session: hierarchy of components, geometry (tessellation only), colors, meta-data, cameras and others.

This new reader will become officially supported later this year.

SolidWorks: Support of External Threaded Studs

We added the support for external threaded stud feature in our SolidWorks reader. Upon traversing the feature tree, you can use the new enum values kA3DFRMEnumValue_CadType_Thread and kA3DFRMFeatureDefinitionType_Thread to search for thread features.

For more information, see The Thread module page.

Rhino: Support of Meta-Data

We added the support for reading user data from Rhino files. See the Rhino page for more information.

This feature create a dependency to a new third-party library: _base64_.

CVE: Third-Party Libraries Update

Common vulnerabilities and exposure have been identified and third-party libraries have been updated accordingly:


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Curl FreeType OpenSSL

7.75 2.10.4 1.1.1l

For more information, see Acknowledgments.