HOOPS Exchange 2017

Format Updates


Updated Version



Solid Edge




New Export Formats


HOOPS Exchange can now export JT 9.5 files. This new version also supports views, PMI, mesh and exact geometry.


The 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) is a 3D printing format. HOOPS Exchange can now export to 3MF.

With the exception of digital signatures and thumbnails, everything defined in the core specification of this format is supported.

Our 3MF exporter also supports textures, colors & texture groups as defined in the materials & properties extensions. (Version 1.0).

HOOPS Exchange 2017 uses lib3mf; please see Acknowledgments for license and copyright information.

New Functionality

Multi-cores usage for CAD assemblies import

HOOPS exchange can now use multiple processes when loading Assemblies. This is a new option that significantly improves performance. More specifically, this version improves performance when reading V5, NX, ProE, SolidWorks and JT assembly files. To use the multiprocess loading mode, you need to define a number of processes to use in A3DRWParamsGeneralData.m_iNbMultiProcess. Please note that this option will not improve performance when reading parts. With Exchange 2017, there are 6 readers which support the incremental loading mode: CATIA V4, CATIA V5, Creo, I-deas, NX, and SolidWorks.

multi-cores usage for Parasolid export

Parasolid users can now export Parasolid data in their session using multiple processes. Please see the function A3DRepresentationItemsTranslateToPkPartsMultiProcess() for more details.

Representation Item modification

New functionalities have been included in the product to easily edit existing representation items, including sets, pointsets, directions, coordinates systems, curves, planes, BrepModels and PolyBrepModels.



Screen-located PMI support has been improved.

ACIS Import

Some changes have been done to better manage color.