HOOPS Exchange - v7.1

Format Updates


Updated Version

Siemens PLM NX Software



Better File Management Handling

A new API (A3DAsmGetFilesPathFromModelFile()) has been introduced which allows developers to query the file dependencies of a particular assembly. It also returns a missing file list which is the list of files referenced by the assembly that HOOPS Exchange cannot find.

Parasolid Export Improvements

By employing a variety of healing techniques we’ve continued to improve the quality of our Parasolid export. In addition, if the source file was Parasolid based (i.e. NX, JT, SOLIDWORKS, or Solid Edge) then we’ll make extreme efforts to provide the original Parasolid data when you export to Parasolid.

View and PMI Improvements

There has been continued improvements in our visual PMI support with the main focus being CV5, NX and Creo.

STEP Import Improvements

We now use some of the healing capabilities available in HOOPS Exchange to address common problems with STEP files related to face and edge orientation problems.

JT Export now includes View and PMI Support

In this release we extended our JT exporter so that it also exports any Views or PMI that is included with the model.

IFC Improvements

We implemented some optimizations within our IFC reader which will improve loading time with many IFC files.