HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP1


Two package issues have been identified for this release:

MacOS package contains instabilities that forced us to remove it from download. A new package will be delivered with HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP1 U1.

The binaries for Android have been permuted between the ARMv7A and ARMv8A-64 folders. You may still use HOOPS Exchange for Android by making the change manually within your distribution. The binaries locations will be fixed with HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP1 U1.

HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP1 U1 is targeted for May the 11th.

Format Updates


Updated Version






JT 10.5 files containing B-Rep have known issues on colors. This issue will be fixed in the upcoming _U1_ update of HOOPS Exchange.

GLTF Export

The glTF “Graphics Language - Transmission Format” is an open standard developed and maintained by the Khronos Group. This format is used to share 3D assets with Augmented Reality applications or game engines and to be viewed in web contexts as well as in desktop applications including Microsoft Paint3D, 3D Viewer, Office. Glb is the binary version of glTF.

With HOOPS Exchange 2018 SP2, we added GLTF in the list of supported read formats. With this version, writing to GLTF/GLB is supported as well.

See also

CATIA V5: Support for Mates

Accessing to the mates (assembly constraints between components) from the native CAD files helps optimizing workflows for applications in Manufacturing simulation, Robotic, Kinematics Analysis and more by enabling them to generate a kinematics model of the assembly.