Detailed Description

group a3d_feature_description_thread_module


  • we can have other data in the thread which contain an attribute to define this value or an option which is used in the thread.

  • we can have a rotation angle, which creates an offset for the start of the thread.

  • we can have an option for the use of mirror or of trim with start or end face.

  • In the case where we have many starts, the thread contains a feature of type NB_START.

In SolidWorks, there is the feature “Stud Wizard” which is about creating a thread on a cylinder. In this feature, there are 2 types of behavior:

  • the thread can be applied on an already existing cylinder

  • the creation of the cylinder (=shaft) occurs in the Stud Wizard feature itself. The thread is then applied on the shaft. In the second case, the thread feature also contains a feature definition “shaft” that contains the depth, the diameter, the position and the direction of the shaft.

Also, an undercut can be defined on such a thread. ../_images/frm_thread_shaft.png../_images/frm_thread_shaft.svg