Delete Entities




Detailed Description

group a3d_entity_delete

Function Documentation

A3DStatus A3DEntityDelete(A3DEntity *pEntity)

Recursively deletes the entity and its child entities.

This function deletes the given entity along with all it’s child entities. Usually deleting any entity of a PRC tree is implicitly done when the tree root is deleted using A3DAsmModelFileDelete. However, it is possible that some entities may not be attached to any PRC. This is usually the case when a CAD model is manipulated for modification purpose.

As a rule of thumb, you should always explicitly delete an entity you did’nt attach to any other entity.


This function must be called only on detached entities. Using it on an attached entity will resulting in a double free error when the PRC tree is deleted.


This function must not be applied within an HOOPS Visualize context. See Quickstart.

Return values:



A3D_SUCCESS in case of success or an error code