IGES Reader

The IGES Reader provides full access to the B-rep and View Data stored within a particular IGES file. A file does not need to have a particular extension to be read correctly by HOOPS Exchange however the file extensions of IGES files that you can expect to be loaded by HOOPS Exchange are:

  • .IGES

  • .IGS

Our readers are updated to the latest released version within 90 days of the release of the authoring software. You can see the exact version supported in the current release here.


The full assembly tree definition is provided however referenced files are not currently supported. Incremental load is not supported by our IGES reader.


The list of supported surface types:

  • Plane surface

  • Ruled surface

  • Rational b-spline surface

  • Bounded surface

  • Parametric spline surface

  • Surface of revolution

  • Offset surface

  • Trimmed surface

  • Right circular cylindrical surface

  • Right circular conical surface

  • Spherical surface

  • Toroidal surface

The list of supported curve types:

  • Circular arc

  • Rational b-spline curve

  • Line

  • Curve on a parametric surface

  • Copius data

  • Offset curve

  • Parametric spline curve

  • Composite curve


This visualization data for this format is generated by the HOOPS Exchange tessellation engine.


Views are supported, however, authoring applications very rarely export IGES data with views.


This concept is not supported by IGES.


Our IGES reader does significant effort to correct problems with corrupt or poorly defined data. Some of the things done here include fixing basic problems with corrupt files, correcting orientation problems, closing open loops and adjusting vertex tolerances. The A3DAsmModelFileSew() function is available to developers who want all surfaces which share a common edge to be joined together.

Import Options Specific to IGES



Group associativity is not supported (IGES Type 402).