ACIS Writer

The ACIS writer allows developers to export B-rep data from Exchange to ACIS. The file extensions that you can create when you export the data are:

  • .SAB

  • .SAT


ACIS does not support the concept of an assembly and as a result we flatten the assembly before we export it. This means that all the parts in the assembly will appear as sibling parts. The transformations and coloring will be honored such that visually the model should match the source data.


All B-rep data is exported with each surface and curve being approximated to one of the following types:

  • B-spline surface

  • Cone

  • Plane

  • Torus

…and curves to one of the following:

  • 3D curve

  • Ellipse

  • Line

  • UV curve


This format does not support a tessellation representation.


Views are not supported by this format.


PMI is not supported by this format.


### Hidden Objects

The notion of hidden objects does not exist in ACIS. The usual workaround consists of forcing the visibility of hidden objects to true and exporting them as visible objects. This is enabled by default with the A3DRepresentationItemExportToAcisBuffer() function, but is not possible with the A3DAsmModelFileExportToAcisFile() function.

Conversion of Faceted Data

The ACIS modeling kernel doesn’t support conversion of tessellation to geometry, so it is not recommended to use Exchange to convert files containing tessellation into ACIS format. In such cases, the resulting model will be empty.