class CRCCalculatorMetaData

Contains information on which results this calculator depends on in order to do its computations, as well as the result the calculator produces.

Public Functions

virtual void setOutputResultType(CRCResultType resultType) = 0

Sets what kind of result to be calculated.

virtual void setOutputResultName(const CRCString &resultName) = 0

Sets the name of the calculated result.

virtual void setOutputResultIdString(const CRCString &idString) = 0

Sets the idString of the calculated result.


If the CRCInitOptions::resultIdString() passed to CRCResultCalculator::initialize() is not blank, the string provided here must either be blank or match the CRCInitOptions::resultIdString(). If not, instancing of the calculator will fail.

virtual void addInputResultIndex(crc_size_t resultIndex) = 0

Adds result to be used as input value to the calculation.

The specified resultIndex is the index of the result into the array of CRCResultInfo objects in CRCHostMetaData. The first input result added will be the first result in the input array that will later be passed to the calculateValue() function.