class PerformanceInfo

Class for storing performance info stats.

Public Members

double totalDrawTime

Total amount of time (in seconds) used to draw the last frame.

double averageTotalDrawTime

Average over the last 10 renderings.

double computeVisiblePartsTime

Time (in seconds) used to create the visible part collection.

double buildRenderQueueTime

Time (in seconds) used to build the rendering queue.

double sortRenderQueueTime

Time (in seconds) used to sort the render queue.

double renderEngineTime

Time (in seconds) used to render the pre-processed rendering queue.

size_t renderingCount

Number of renderings.

size_t visiblePartsCount

Number of visible parts.

size_t renderedPartsCount

Number of parts that was drawn.

size_t vertexCount

Number of vertices (nodes, points) used to draw.

size_t triangleCount

Number of triangles (GL_TRIANGELS)

size_t openGLPrimitiveCount

Total number of GL primitives drawn (lines, points, polygons, etc). For strips the number of resulting triangles.

size_t applyRenderStateCount

Number of render state changes.

size_t shaderProgramChangesCount

Number of shader program changes.

size_t vboCount

Number of VBOs in use.

double vboMemoryUsageMB

Total memory used by VBOs (in megabytes)