class CRCString

A simple class for handling strings.

CRC uses UTF-8 based strings. This class stores strings in UTF-8 format, and provides creation from ASCII char and UTF-8 strings.

Public Functions

inline CRCString()


inline CRCString(const CRCString &other)

Copy constructor.

inline ~CRCString()


inline CRCString &operator=(const CRCString &rhs)

Assignment operator.

inline bool operator==(const CRCString &rhs) const

Equality operator.

inline bool operator!=(const CRCString &rhs) const

Inequality operator.

inline bool operator<(const CRCString &rhs) const

Check if this string is less than the passed string.

inline const crc_char_t *utf8() const

Returns a const ptr to the UTF-8 formatted string.

inline crc_size_t byteCount() const

Returns the number of bytes (length) of the string.

Public Static Functions

static inline CRCString fromUtf8(const crc_char_t *utf8Ptr)

Returns a string created from an UTF-8 array.

static inline CRCString fromChar(const crc_char_t *charPtr)

Returns a string created from an ASCII (char) string.

Any ASCII value above 127 will be encoded to UTF-8