Detailed Description

class CDPTransformations

The rigid body transformation result for a given geometry in a given state.

You need to add one transformation matrix for each element group in the corresponding geometry. For parts without transformations, add an identity matrix.

The matching is done by index, so the result must have as many groups as there are element/node groups in the corresponding geometry.

Public Functions

inline virtual ~CDPTransformations()
virtual void addGroupTransformation(const cdp_double_t *groupTransformationMatrix) = 0

Adds a transformation matrix to the result.

groupTransformationMatrix should be an array with 16 elements specifying the 4*4 transformation matrix for the corresponding element group.

The matrix must be specified in column, then row order:

| v0  v4  v8  v12 |
| v1  v5  v9  v13 |
| v2  v6  v10 v14 |
| v3  v7  v11 v15 |