Detailed Description

class CDPResultInfo

A class to provide additional information about a result.

The main result information is provided when adding the result with CDPMetaData::addResultInfo().

Public Functions

inline virtual ~CDPResultInfo()
virtual void setIdString(const CDPString &idString) = 0

Sets the idString of the result.

The Result ID String is a persistent identifier for the result, and will stay constant between versions of Envision. This identifier will be found in the idString property of the result metadata (cee::ug::ResultInfo::idString() or

If blank (default) a unique idString will be produced by combining the name and result mapping.

Make sure this is unique for each result provided by this plugin.

virtual void setUnit(const CDPString &unit) = 0

Sets the unit of the result.

If set, the unit will appear as text in the result info in the host app.

virtual void setDisplacementsContainAbsoluteNodePositions(bool containsAbsoluteNodePositions) = 0

Specifies if the displacement result is absolute or relative displacements.

If this is set to true, the provided displacements are absolute node position (new coordinates). If set to false (default), the displacements are relative displacements offsetting the node coordinate in the geometry.

virtual void setCreateDerivedResults(bool createDerivedResults) = 0

Specifies if the result (e.g.

vector or tensor) should also produce derived results or not (default is true)

Derived results are scalars produced from vectors (x,y,z,magnitude) and vectors and scalars produced by tensors (XX stress, vonMises, 1st principal, etc)

Call setCreateDerivedResults(false) to disable this feature and only add the native result to the host meta data.