CDPNodeGroup *


CDPElementGroup *


Detailed Description

class CDPGeometry

A geometry is defined by a number of element and node groups.

The element groups specify how many parts the geometry will end up having in the host app, either one part per group or any number of parts per group. See CDPGeometryInfo for more information about parts.

Each element group can have its own node group or share it with other element groups. The node group to use for an element group is specified in the call to addElementGroup. The normal case is either to have one node group to share between all element groups, or to have one node group per element group.

A geometry must have at least one node and one element group.

Public Functions

inline virtual ~CDPGeometry()
virtual CDPNodeGroup *addNodeGroup() = 0

Adds a node group to this geometry.

Use the returned CDPNodeGroup to populate the group with coordinates and optional ids.

virtual CDPElementGroup *addElementGroup(cdp_size_t nodeGroupIdx) = 0

Adds an element group to this geometry.

Use the returned CDPElementGroup to populate the elements of the group.