XML Batch Conversion

HOOPS Converter can take commands from an XML file which allows for specifying multiple conversion cycles which will be executed in succession. Please refer to the list of command line options which are available.

To perform a batch conversion, use the following command line:

converter --input_xml_batch_file "sample_batch.xml"

Below is an example of an XML file that performs multiple conversions.

<converter license="PutLicenseHere" output_directory="D:\myfiles\output">
        <input file="D:\myfiles\roller.jt">
                <output type="SC Model" file="roller" sc_export_assemblytree="true" />
                <output type="PDF" file="roller.pdf" background_color="0,0.5,0.2,0.1,0.2,0.3" />

        <input file="D:\myfiles\micro engine.CATProduct">
                <output type="SC Model" file="microengine" />
Root Element defining a conversion cycle.
Allowed Attributes:
* license - Communicator License Key
* output_directory - Default directory for file export
Defines a conversion cycle performed on a single CAD file
Allowed Attributes:
file - Location of input file.
Defines a single file export.
Allowed Attributes:
file - Location of output file.
type - Type of output file. Supported types are: SC Model, XML, HSF, PDF, PRC, STL, XT, PNG, STEP, 3MF

The rest of the output attributes correspond to the command line export options. Please see the command line page for more information.