License Key

Evaluation license

If you began your evaluation after October 1, 2019 via the HOOPS Web Platform portal or self-assessment site:

  • Your license key is automatically placed into the HOOPS Communicator installation directories, and you can find it here: /authoring/libsc/include/hoops_license.h

  • You can generate your initial license key or access your existing key via the portal at

If your evaluation began prior to October 1, 2019 please go to and click “Generate Eval Key” to obtain your hoops_license.h file.

Commercial license

Commercial developers who have licensed HOOPS Communicator should visit and click “Generate Full Key” to obtain a hoops_license.h file.

Updating your license

After generating a new license, it is necessary to set it in the product. To do so, please do one of the following:

  1. Run the installer again with the new license. This will place the license in /authoring/libsc/include/, and also copy it to several other locations for convenience to run the examples and tutorials.

  2. Execute the license script at quick_start/ or quick_start/update_license.bat with your license string as a command-line parameter:

    > update_license.bat "your_license_string"

This will update all necessary files automatically.

  1. Update the license string manually in the following files:

    // Update these files if you are still running through tutorials and examples
    // Update only these files if you have completed the tutorials and examples