HOOPS Communicator Documentation

HOOPS Communicator is a powerful SDK for advanced web-based engineering applications, and represents the web-development component of the HOOPS Web Platform. Using HOOPS Communicator, you can build a web application that serves a 3D model in a web browser.

HOOPS Communicator can load a number of model formats natively. It is also interoperable with our model loading toolkit, HOOPS Exchange, which greatly increases the number of industry-standard formats that can be imported. It can also convert models from one format to another.

In this document, we provide tutorials, sample code, API documentation, and a written guide. Direct engineering support to get your application running and shipping quickly is also available.

If you are new to HOOPS Communicator, we recommend reading the Technical Overview for a taste of our product’s capabilities. When you are ready to begin using the API, the Programming Guide is a good place to start.

HOOPS Communicator works with Javascript and Typescript, and is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices (see our Supported Platforms page for details).