HOOPS Communicator 2024.2.0 is based on HOOPS Visualize 2024.2.0, HOOPS Exchange 2024.2.0, and HOOPS Publish 2024.2.0.


ESM. HOOPS Communicator can now load Javascript via ESM. Details are available here. We also have a migration guide available. This functionality is being provided as a beta.


In a future release, the current IIFE files for importing Web Viewer code will be deprecated. They are now replaced with other files which provide support for ESM, UMD, and IIFE versions of our Web Viewer. Please see the links above for details.

Functional Changes

We are removing the Converter option ifc_new_tessellation which was in beta.

Documentation Updates

Contact Us page added

Documentation now includes a new Contact Us page, pointing users to helpful links and contacts within Tech Soft 3D for information and product support. This page can be found at the bottom of the table of contents.

Fixed Bugs




Model views are oriented upside down in comparison to converted models in previous versions


SolidEdge 2024 exports JT files using Direct Model library version leading to XT-BREP import failures in Exchange


After HOOPS Communicator is upgraded to 2024, the model is converted into a separate html file, and there is no model when opening the html


WritePNG failed in linux(WSL:Ubuntu2204): failed to get graph rgb color data(A3D_INVALID_COLOR_INDEX:-2101)


The position and orientation of the text annotations are inconsistent with NX


Dimensional plus and minus tolerances show size and position inconsistent with NX


Can’t load model if hoops_web_viewer.js is not included as the last script in the page


PMI overlap between dimensional tolerances and dimensional values