Supported File Formats (RemoteModel)

The UgServer supports reading of the following formats out of the box:

  • VTFx and VTF (*.vtfx and *.vtf)

  • VTU/VTM/PVD VTK UnstructuredGrid (*.vtu, *.vtm, *.pvd)

  • STL files (*.stl)

If this satisfies your requirements, you can use the ‘CeeUgServer_noImportCae.node’ add-on. This add-on has fewer dependencies (only TBB). See how to do so in the Getting Started section.

If, however, you need support for further formats, you must use the ‘CeeUgServer.node’ add-on (default). This will require a license with the ImportCAE option (see License for licensing information) to access the following formats:

  • Abaqus (*.fil)

  • ABAQUS Input Interface (*.inp)

  • ABAQUS Odb (*.odb) (see below)

  • ANSYS Input Interface (*.cdb)

  • ANSYS (*.rst;*.rth;*.rfl)

  • CGNS (*.cgns)

  • Ensight (*.case)

  • Fluent (*.cas/*.dat)

  • Femap (*.neu)

  • Ideas UNV (*.unv)

  • LSDYNA Keyword Interface (*.k)

  • LS-DYNA State Database Interface

  • NASTRAN (*.op2)

  • NASTRAN (*.dat)

  • OpenFOAM (*.foam)

Abaqus ODB Interface limitations

Due to a severe limitation in the official Abaqus ODB API, the server will run all Abaqus .odb file access in the main thread. This will block the server for any other requests while the file is being accessed. This should be taken into consideration when deploying a solution using the Abaqus ODB reader.