class cee.usg.ScalarSettings()

Setting for how a scalar should be shown in the model.

You can get the settings for the scalar shown as fringes (filled contours) with the UnstructGridModel.fringesSettings property.

Example using the ScalarMapperFilledContoursUniform:

// Configure the mapper to use, and
const mapper = new cee.ScalarMapperFilledContoursUniform();
mapper.colorArray = cee.ColorTableFactory.color4TableArray(cee.ColorTable.NORMAL, 15);
model.fringesSettings.scalarMapper = mapper;

// Add a color legend based on the mapper
this.m_view.overlay.addCustomColorLegendForScalarMapper(mapper, "Demo result", 1);



The name of the scalar result


The scalar mapper to use to map from a scalar value to a color

EnvisionWeb offers 4 different scalar mappers: - ScalarMapperFilledContours - ScalarMapperFilledContoursUniform - ScalarMapperContinuous - ScalarMapperContinuousPiecewise

To add a color legend to a view to show the scalar mapper, use the Overlay.addCustomColorLegendForScalarMapper method (see example above).