Specification of the visual appearance of a part in a RemoteModel

Use this object to control how the part will be rendered in the 3D viewer. You can set whether the part is visible the drawStyle color opacity and if the part should be smooth or flat shaded. You can also set showFringes to specify if the part should show the current scalar result (if a scalar result is specified in the ModelSpec and set showVectors to specify if vector arrows should be drawn for the surface of this part (if a vector result is specified in the ModelSpec

You can access PartSettings objects with RemoteModel.getPartSettingsAt

Example: Show all parts as transparent

for (var i = 0; i < myModel.partCount; ++i) {
    var partSettings = myModel.getPartSettingsAt(i);
    partSettings.drawStyle =;
    partSettings.opacity = 0.5;


for (var ps of myModel.getPartSettingsArray()) {
    ps.drawStyle =;
    ps.opacity = 0.5;


The color of the part.

Disables element set filtering for this part. See ModelSpec.visibleSetIdArray

Disable mirroring for this part.

If set to true, this part will not be included in the mirroring of the model.

The specification of how to render the part (surface, lines, points, mesh, etc).

The eye lift mode to use for this part.

Eye lift can be used when facing z fighting issues (triangles rendered in the same plane). By applying eye lift to one part, it will be moved slightly towards the eye, resolving the z fighting issues. The current version offers 3 eye lift factors to choose from.

The zero-based geometryIndex of the part. A RemoteModel might have more than one geometry, but in most cases there is only one. The combination of geometryIndex and partId uniquely identifies the part.

Whether the part should be highlighted.

The opacity of the part. 1.0 is fully opaque, 0.0 if fully transparent (invisible).

The id of the part. The id is >=0 and unique within the part’s geometry. The combination of geometryIndex and partId uniquely identifies the part.

Whether scalar fringes (filled contours) should be shown on this part. This flag only applies if the ModelSpec.fringesResultId is set to a valid scalar result id.

Whether vector arrows should be rendered on the surface of this part. This flag only applies if the ModelSpec.vectorResultIdArray is set to valid vector result id(s).

Flag controlling the shading model of the part.

If true, smooth shading will be used for the part, where it is rendered with a smoothed out surface with a per pixel lighting. If false, a flat shading rendering will be applied where the surface of an element is rendered with the same color.

Visibility of the part. Use this to show or hide a part in the 3D Viewer.



Gets the settings for this part as a Plain Old JavaScript Object (POJO).

Return type


Applies the settings in the given properties object to this part

  • props (Partial[]) –

Return type