The cug sub-module provides a constant remote model designed for viewing CAE models.

Assuming that the EnvisionWeb client component has been imported into the variable cee, members of the cug module may be referenced using the cee.cug prefix, e.g.:

var model = new cee.cug.ConstantRemoteModel();


  • Scalable CAE Model visualization in the Cloud

  • Starts streaming immediately, independent of model size

  • State-less, RESTful API based server

  • No native add-on for server, no web sockets

  • Easy to scale, low cost to deploy

  • The viewer in Ceetron Cloud 2.0

Supports interactive viewing of all features

  • Model with scalars, vectors and displacements

  • All part attributes (mesh, draw style, transparency, etc)

  • Time, mode-shape and particle trace animations

  • Cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes

  • Particle traces

Interactive features

  • Pan/rotate/zoom

  • Show/hide model mesh

  • Show/hide parts and objects

  • Animation control


The ConstantRemoteModel requires the use of a server (CugServer). Models needs to be converted into a CUG database format before they can be streamed. The conversion is done with the CugComposer command line application which is provided in the NativeApplications/CugComposer/bin/ folder of the distribution (binaries for Windows, Linux and MacOS).

The CUG server uses a DataStore interface to access data, and ships with a FileDataStore. It can be extended to pull data from other sources.