The geo sub-module provides a GeometryModel that can handle a large number of parts efficiently.

Assuming that the EnvisionWeb client component has been imported into the variable cee, members of the geo module may be referenced using the cee.geo prefix, e.g.:

var geoModel = new cee.geo.GeometryModel();

The GeometryModel implements a model that can handle a large collection of Part (300k+ without problems).

Here is a simple example of how to create a geometry model containing a single triangle:

var geoModel = new cee.geo.GeometryModel();

// Create a simple one triangle one part model
var indices = [0, 1, 2];
var triangleVertices = [0,0,0,  1,0,0,  0,1,0];

let part = geoModel.addPart();
let mesh = new cee.geo.MeshIndexedTriangles(triangleVertices, indices);
part.mesh = mesh;

part.settings.color = new cee.Color3(0, 1, 0);

var view = myViewer.getViewAt(0);