Data Provider Plugins (RemoteModel)

The UgServer supports dynamic loading of Data Provider Plugins. A Data Provider acts as a provider of data to the server (e.g. a file reader), allowing users of RemoteModel to create their own in-house file readers with the same ease of use and performance as the built-in readers.

To use Data Providers with the UgServer, define the CEW_UG_DATA_PROVIDER_FOLDER environment variable to point to the folder containing the data provider plugins. The UgServer will load all data providers in the specified folder.

Note that the plugins must be named after the following naming conversion:



cdp_MyDataProvider.dll (Windows), (Linux)

To create your own data provider, download the “CEETRON Envision Desktop” from The data provider framework is found in the DataProviderFramework folder in the distribution. The data provider framework is free to download and use, and is provided as source code so you can compile with your favorite compiler and settings.

To read more about how to use existing data provider plugins, go to the Envision Desktop documentation at:

If you want to create your own plugins, start with the data provider documentation: