Build Your First App

The Examples/BuildYourFirstApp folder contains 4 simple examples showcasing how to get started with the 3 main components of Envision. This is a good place to start to see how to use Envision. The examples are:

  1. Hello Envision : Minimal Envision app using the geometry model GeometryModel to draw two simple objects.

  2. Viewer: A simple demonstration on how to use the ConstantRemoteModel to show pre-defined models in a scalable way.

  3. FirstPostProcessor: A very simple interactive CAE post-processor showcasing the RemoteModel.

  4. FeatureExtraction: The second example featuring the RemoteModel. This time with a focus on cutting planes, isovolumes and particle traces.

To setup your own server and dig more info the RemoteModel, see the Server for Remote Models (UgServer) chapter.