class cee.ug.QueryAllElementResultsForFramePartData()



The id of the cutting plane if the part is from a cutting plane. This is -1 for element results for normal parts

For cutting planes, a part will be produced for each part in each cutting plane All elements that are intersected by the cutting plane will be included, and the centroid is the centroid of the element projected onto the cutting plane.


The element centroids for all elements in the part

Coordinates are interleaved, so the array contains (x0, y0, z0, x1, y1, z1, …)


The ID of the elements in the part (undefined if ids are not available)


The element results for all elements in the part.

Undefined values are set to NaN


The zero-based geometryIndex of the part. A RemoteModel might have more than one geometry, but in most cases there is only one. The combination of geometryIndex and partId uniquely identifies the part.


The ID of the node contributing to the result if PER_NODE or PER_ELEMENT_NODE results and ids are available. Undefined if not.


The id of the part. The id is >=0 and unique within the part’s geometry. The combination of geometryIndex and partId uniquely identifies the part.